Daylight Savings Time Changes

Many older telephone systems require that you manually change the time to and from Daylight Savings Time. Many voice mail systems use the telephone system time, although some require that you set their clock independently.

We’ve posted links to instructions for some systems below. If your system is not listed or you are within our service area and need assistance, please send us a message via the Contact Us page or call us at 508-419-7225.


Avaya Partner, Partner Plus, Partner II, Partner Endeavor and Partner ACS


Panasonic KXTD Phone System & KXT-VS Voice Mail







“Old” NEC Aspire & UX5000 Software

Most of these systems update automatically. However, if yours does not, here is the manual procedure for setting the date and time.


Mitel SX-200 D & Mitel SX-200 ICS


Panasonic KX-TA 624 or KX-TA 824


Nortel Norstar (Meridian)