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Here are a range of business telephone services that we offer on Cape Cod and the Islands:

  • Business phone emergency repairs.

    Available 24/7, we can respond to phone systems down and other essential services. Call for help anytime

  • business telephone service repair installation servicesPhone System Repairs
    • Static and poor connections
    • Lines not working
    • Intermittent service
    • Power failure or lightning strike damage
  • Phone System Installation

    If you have purchased a used or new phone system, and need help to install it correctly, set it up and train your staff, Ted is just the man for the job. We will work to minimize disruption to your business operations.

  • Large and Small Business Phone System Sales

    Ted the Telephone Guy has a range of products available to suit the needs of most businesses, from Hotels and Motels with 100s of extensions to small businesses with only two or three. Did your business outgrow the wireless phone system that you bought at Staples? Need to transfer calls from one extension to another? Call Ted the Telephone Guy today for advice, sales, installation and configuration. He will listen carefully to your needs both now and in the future and recommend a reliable system to closely meet your needs.

  • Phone Adds Moves and Changes

    We can add extensions to your system, if the equipment is available, and work with you to source parts for older systems if needed. We will take a look at your system and its installation and recommend the best and most economic solution for you. Many phone suppliers are focused on selling you the latest and greatest system, and although there is often a place for that, we’ll find the best solution.

  • Business Phone System Optimization

    This service is one we pride ourselves as being one of the best in the area. We study your system’s configuration and after consulting with you to determine your needs, we can add parts, change configurations, and add or remove wiring to make sure that you get the best out of what you have and then work with you to maintain its operation to the best of its capability.

  • Phone System Development Planning

    For a new business, or the purchase of an existing business, call Ted the Telephone Guy for advice. He can prepare an estimate or an RFP as a consultant to help you understand the detailed requirements of your business and help you plan for your present and future needs.

  • Moving your phone system to a new building

    We can in-install the existing phone system and move it to a new building, adding wiring if needed, or using existing wiring in the building if it is serviceable. This would be a great time to evaluate your system and consider expanding or replacing it with a new system. Call for advice, and Ted will be able to come and take a look.

  • Voicemail Configuration

    After a few personnel changes sometimes the voicemail configuration is just causing problems. Call Ted the Telephone guy for advice. He can reconfigure most systems to better suit your needs, including recovering passwords, and setting up group mailboxes.¬† Ted offers Voicemail training either individually or as a group, so that you’ll get the best out of your system.

  • Caller ID

    Very often the one thing we get asked about is setting up Caller ID and having it work correctly. Most phone systems now offer this feature, but it requires correct configuration, or sometimes a software change. Call Ted for advice.

  • VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Systems

    These systems are widely available in a range of costs and sizes. Installing and configuring them requires specialized knowledge which Ted Woods has taken the time to acquire. There are a number of significant advantages, including the ability to install phones on the system in satellite offices, and to transfer calls to and from staff members’ mobile phones to mention only two of them. Our limited internet bandwidth normally available on the cape is not ideal for the operation of larger VOIP systems, but with the correct equipment and working within known limits, we can provide a quality result.

  • Seasonal Business Support

    If you run a seasonal business, we understand the ups and downs of your business. We can help by scheduling a spring system tune-up each year so that you start the season with everything working correctly, and we’ll be ready for emergency calls when things start to pick up.